Specialist Design, Manufacture and Installation of Bespoke Performance Exhausts, Manifolds and Components.
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Can I purchase items online?
Click here to visit our Ebay shop
Yes, you can view and purchase selected Pipe Werx products on-line at our Ebay shop by clicking on the Ebay logo to the left. Please contact us to discuss all other requirements or place telephone orders.

How much does it cost?

• Prices vary depending on style and vehicle so visit our Product and Services page for all the latest information.

Who buys a Pipe Werx exhaust?

There are a very wide range of people who can utilise a Pipe Werx exhaust:

  • Customised cars requiring something specific.

  • Imported cars (paticularly American & Japanese) where the original is very expensive and hard to come by.

  • Classic or older vehicles where exhausts are now obselete, or an off the shelf sports version is not available.

  • Executive and top end sports cars where original replacements are very expensive.

  • Kit cars where no off the shelf replacements are available.

  • Those who want a sports exhaust with non of the attention big tailpipes get can have a stealth system made.

  • Modified cars where an engine transplant means you need something completely bespoke.

  • Or just to be different...

Why use Stainless Steel and why use T304?

• In basic terms T304 stainles steel is a very high quality of steel which enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee and confidence to know our products will last.

How long does it take?

• With a custom build exhaust it does vary depending on the vehicle, though most can be completed within the day.

What about disabled access?

• Yes we have disabled access to the office and showroom.

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